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4752: P.S.T. Special Set

Ostensibly released by C.J. Bubla, this Special Set was something of a one-off, featuring a combination of items never seen in any other set, including a rare 4-6-2 Pacific and loads of extra track. MSRP was $50; Sears was selling them for $34.95.


Rolling Stock
  • 2 X 12" straight
  • 4 X 4-3/8" straight
  • 1 X 4-3/8" rerailer
  • 3 X 3" straight
  • 2 X 2-1/8" straight
  • 1 X 2" straight
  • 2 X 1-1/8" straight
  • 23 X 7-1/2" radius 30 degree curve
  • 1 X curved feeder track
Other Items

The hand-drawn track plan is really strange and pretty much useless: while it seems to make use of all the track, the parts list doesn't match what's included in the set, nor do all of the part numbers correctly correspond to the illustrated track sections.


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