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4883: Cattle Cars

Prototype Information

This 40-foot steel stock car has wooden slats on the sides to protect the livestock from injury from steel at extreme temperatures. There were many design variations with respect to the bracing pattern, the size and placement of the lettering panels, and so forth, so Roco's model likely follows the design of Union Pacific's stock car from the 1940s.

Model Information

Catalog Numbers/Road Names
  • 4883/220 Santa Fe
  • 4883/290 Missouri Pacific
  • 4883/320 Missouri Kansas Texas red and brown body color variations
  • 4883/350 Rio Grande
Product Photos


There's a potential conflict in the road codes. 350 is unambiguously Rio Grande, since it appears on a cattle car box insert, as well as the 1967 catalog and 1967 Service Manual. However, there's a flat car cardboard box marked 4881/350, yet I've found no evidence that a Rio Grande flat was ever released. The box contains a Norfolk & Western flat.


Cardboard Box Labels

Plastic Box Inserts

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