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4886: Hopper Cars

Prototype Information

Dating from circa 1929, ARA 70-ton offset-side "quad" open hoppers were used by many railroads across the nation. However, the design wasn't especially robust; consequently they started disappearing in the late 50s and were mostly gone by the early 60s. Roco's model is reasonably faithful to the real hopper, although it's difficult to assess which lines had them and which didn't. Peabody Short Line is a curious choice for railroads to represent, since this was a small, private railroad; likely the appeal was the colorful livery.

Model Information

Catalog Numbers/Road Names
  • 4886/280 Southern Pacific
  • 4886/340 Western Maryland alternate lettering styles
  • 4886/360 Chicago Outer Belt
  • 4886/445 Peabody Short Line
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