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4709: P.S.T. Special Set

Ostensibly released by C.J. Bubla, this Special Set was packed in a yellow and black flat box. Although the order sheet specifies Santa Fe as the road name, I've also seen this set with a Baltimore & Ohio loco, so the choice of road name may have been capricious. The track is the same lot that all 1968/69 sets had; however, the freight car assortment is unusual in that it included a longitudinal hopper and a tank car, which had never appeared in any standard set.

A curious variation: At right is a photo of a 4709 set (one of two I've seen) where the F9-A is packed in a clear plastic "jewel case" box, and the set's yellow nest is molded accordingly—compare it with the one above, which is molded to fit a more typical cardboard box. The loco's jewel case box has foam rubber for a "nest" and no insert. Yet one more mystery to try to figure out.

Also note that I've seen one of these sets in Penn Central. While this contradicts its description on the dealer order sheet, there was nothing on the box that indicated the road name, so presumably they could include anything in the set they chose.



  • 3 X 4-3/8" straight
  • 1 X 4-3/8" rerailer
  • 11 X 7-1/2" radius 30 degree curve
  • 1 X curved feeder track

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