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4844: Piggyback Cars with 2 Trailers

Prototype Information

In the early days of TOFC (trailers on flat cars), pairs of 30-foot trailers were loaded onto 60-foot flat cars, which places Roco's model in the 1940s. Many railroads ran "piggyback" service, so it's possible most of the roads listed below had them—except for Penn Central. The PC was born in the 70s, after 30-foot trailers had all but disappeared, although it's possible they might have inherited some of the old PS-4 flat cars and repurposed them.

Model Information

  • 4844/202 Canadian Pacific (not shown)
  • 4844/210 Union Pacific (not shown)
  • 4844/211 Canadian National
  • 4844/220 Santa Fe
  • 4844/225 Penn Central
  • 4844/280 Southern Pacific


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