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4887: 8-Wheel Cabooses

Prototype Information

Much like passenger cars, cabooses were almost always railroad-specific: rarely would the same caboose be seen on more than one or two railroads. Roco's model is based on a plain-vanilla Santa Fe steel end-cupola design, circa 1929. It's often referred to generically as a "western caboose" since the design was prevalent on western railroads, although some eastern lines had vaguely similar cabooses.

Bottom line, the Santa Fe model is the only "correct" one of the bunch. However, the economics of the early days of N Scale prohibited releasing a different caboose for each line; plus, modelers at the time weren't as prototypically-minded as they are today, so it's no surprise to see every popular road name slapped on the same Santa Fe caboose. Incidentally, the trucks on these models are a standard 70-ton solid-journal coil-spring Bettendorf-type that were used on steam-era freight cars, but not on cabooses.

Model Information

  • 4887/210 Union Pacific
  • 4887/211 Canadian National
  • 4887/212 Canadian Pacific
  • 4887/220 Santa Fe (two colors)
  • 4887/225 Penn Central
  • 4887/230 Pennsylvania
  • 4887/240 Baltimore & Ohio
  • 4887/260 New Haven

The smoke jacks are frequently lost or broken off from handling.


Note the spelling on the 4887/225 plastic box insert.

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