Timelapse II

Here's a series of images taken from the same spot in what constitutes the side yard adjacent to the driveway. I think it's one of the more interesting views of the house. Also see Timelapse and Timelapse III.

10 April 2015. A "prehistoric" view, almost a year before groundbreaking.

24 March 2016. The foundation is under construction.

2 June 2016. Principal framing is about two-thirds done.

23 July 2016. Framing is nearly finished.

28 July 2016. Living level roof is nearing completion.

2 August 2016. The temporary roof is on.

4 November 2016. The long slumber has begun.

6 January 2017. Resting quietly under a blanket.

29 September 2017. Looking quite neglected.

11 December 2017. Another long winter.

11 July 2018. The wait is almost over.

25 October 2018. Back to work!

23 November 2018. The long-awaited and sorely-needed roof is going on.

1 December 2018. Roof is done and windows are in.


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