Timelapse V

Taken adjacent to the front porch, looking down at the ravine at an angle, this series documents some of the many changes that took place. In particular, pay attention to that stand of three trees, dead center. A storm blew one of them down in September 2014. This would have been a perfectly ordinary under ordinary circumstances; however, in this case, it triggered a cascade of changes to my plans: the house was originally to be on level ground at the top of the ravine, just out of view, with the deck dropping down a little and wrapping around that stand of trees. Thus it was quite fortuitous the storm did the damage when it did; otherwise, it would have taken out the deck and possibly part of the house. Furthermore, the damage revealed the terrible condition of the trees, so I had them cut down, much as it pained me; they were a threat to anything nearby, especially since the storm damage further weakened them. This then cleared the way for the house to settle down into the ravine, a much more pleasing and dramatic arrangement. Follow along on the odyssey—over two dozen images await.

4 October 2013. Just before becoming the proud owner.

25 October 2013. Starting to clear away some of the brush and debris.

15 November 2013. Admiring the fall foliage.

1 December 2013. Cold.

23 February 2014. Frosted cornflake.

15 March 2014. Looking forward to spring.

6 May 2014. Starting to figure stuff out.

17 September 2014. Storm damage has sealed the fate of the three-tree stand.

10 November 2014. After the trees come down, the house design is in flux.

7 December 2014. Clean slate.

25 January 2015. A long road ahead.

5 March 2015. Winter wonderland.

16 April 2015. Trying something new.

27 October 2015. Finally, the adventure begins for real: septic system goes in.

1 March 2016. Groundbreaking.

2 March 2016. Footings going in.

15 March 2016. The shape of things to come.

6 July 2016. Moving right along.

11 November 2016. Changes: removed kitty mini-deck, added office window.

9 November 2017. A year of nothing.

22 June 2018. Sad looking.

27 November 2018. Coming back to life.

1 December 2019. Gradually becoming a home.

10 June 2019. Livable.

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