Timelapse IV

The southeast side of the house is perhaps the most photogenic.

4 October 2013. This area is almost unrecognizable on my first visit.

6 December 2014.
Damaged and dead trees were removed in October.

28 October 2015.
The septic system is being built.

11 March 2016. Forms are in place to pour the foundation.

11 April 2016. Foundation is done, deck footings are being poured.

7 May 2016.
The house begins to take shape.

2 August 2016. The shell is nearly done.

10 November 2016. The long slumber is about to begin.

4 April 2017. A sad, lonely place.

28 October 2017. Rotting where it stands.

23 August 2018. A new lease on life.

21 November 2018. The roof is going on.

3 June 2019. Looking much healthier.

7 October 2019. Lots of progress inside and out.

6 July 2020. Another slumber has begun.

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