Here's an assortment of previously unpublished images drawn from a collection of well over 5,000. This page will grow slowly over time, so please return once in a while.

6 October 2014. Here I've laid out a very early floor plan with stakes and tape. You can see I was enjoying The View (folding chair down in the trees) from the very beginning.

12 February 2016. The end of the driveway was freshly graded in preparation for the construction to come.

29 February 2016. I threw a party on groundbreaking day, which I had catered. Here, the catering company sets up the tent around 8:30 AM.

16 March 2016. A hazy morning after the foundation walls went up.

1 May 2016. Some of the concrete pumping crew wore embarrassingly sexist T-shirts.

16 July 2016. Lumber, lumber everywhere.

21 July 2016. The main living level roof takes shape.

2 August 2016. All of the kitchen stuff I own is sitting in the kitchen island—and I mean all of it. Which is to say that additional cabinet space isn't even needed.


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