Up On the Roof

My roof is very easy to walk out on, so there's no difficulty doing maintenance or just grabbing some pics. Here's a progression from framing to finishing.

23 July 2016. Framing for the roof is completed.

27 July 2016. Last of the sheathing is going down.

30 July 2016. Roof is structurally completed.

18 August 2016. Temporary roofing applied.

18 November 2016. Working on the eaves.

22 November 2016. Eaves are done.

24 April 2018. Amazingly the temporary roofing is still holding up.

8 June 2018. Still hanging in there.

31 October 2018. Applying fascia in preparation for the steel roofing.

4 November 2018. Finished and stained the fascia.

16 November 2018. Cleaning up before putting down steel.

21 November 2018. Roof going on.

29 November 2018. Roof is done. Magnificent work.

8 April 2020. Bare sheathing gets some protection.

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