Each Thanksgiving I've taken an image of The View.

30 November 2013

Even though it was just a month after closing, I couldn't spend Thanksgiving here as I'd not yet moved out of my previous residence, and I had "family" holiday obligations. But I did sneak in a quick visit two days after.

27 November 2014

I enjoyed my first Thanksgiving as a resident in 2014. Just a week or so earlier, I'd gone from one to four cats. The landscape was cold and barren.

26 November 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 began under a veil of heavy fog. The septic system was completed a few weeks before, and the final blueprints had just been delivered.

24 November 2016

A few days prior to Thanksgiving 2016, an enormous dead tree fell. I was thankful it was nowhere near the house, cabin or camper. (As a precaution, I had all dead or dying trees near the house removed in 2014.)

23 November 2017

Many trees still had green leaves on Thanksgiving 2017, and two days later it hit 60°.

22 November 2018

The 2018 holiday was one of the coldest in over a century—complete with a pre-season Nor'Easter—although you wouldn't know it by appearance alone.

28 November 2019

2019 had the distinction of being my first Thanksgiving in my home, and it hit 62°. It was also the day before I hosted a dinner party, another first.

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