As each Thanksgiving passes, it's interesting to chart the changes over the years. Compare this series with May Day.


Even though it was a month after closing, I couldn't spend Thanksgiving here as I'd not yet moved out of my previous residence, and I had "family" holiday obligations. But I did sneak in a quick visit a few days before.


I enjoyed my first Thanksgiving as a resident in 2014. Just a week or so earlier, I'd gone from one to four cats. Here, I'm standing where the house will eventually go, taking in The View.


In 2015, Thanksgiving was oddly—but beautifully—foggy. A month prior, the septic system had been completed, and the final blueprints for the house were just delivered.


A few days before Thanksgiving 2016, a large dead tree fell. I was thankful it was nowhere near the house, cabin or camper. (As a precaution, I had all dead or dying trees near the house removed in 2014.)


Thanksgiving 2017 was unusual in that many trees still had green leaves. Perhaps a sign of climate change, or just a strange fluke? Regardless, it was a crisp, sunny day in the mid-40s; two days later it hit 60.


I won't be living in my house by Thanksgiving 2018, as I'd hoped, but perhaps soon thereafter. We'll see.


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