Where's all of my stuff?

Even before I moved onto the property in September 2014, I rented a 20-foot storage container, and parked it at the end of the driveway across from the house. Actually, I'd never taken a photo of it until now—indeed, I've always worked hard to avoid catching it in any image—because I've always regarded it as an eyesore I can't wait to return. And I never imagined it becoming a fixture on my property for nearly five years.

Up until recently, I've more or less taken it for granted. But when I unearthed my new-old stereo from it on 23 December 2018, I discovered something very distressing: it's sprung a leak. And that places all of my other worldly possessions—including all of my modeling stuff—at risk. Now the need to finish my home becomes even more urgent...


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