Five Years

October 15, 2014. One of hundreds of photos I'd taken of The View (464 to date, to be precise) wound up sorted and stored on my computer as part of my admittedly obsessive documentation of my property and house.

October 15, 2019. Without a thought as to its significance—mostly just out of compulsive habit, really—I snapped yet another image of The View. Then, as I gazed at the sight from my living room, it dawned on me that it had changed noticeably from my recollection of it back when I'd bought the property. And that's where my obsessive documentation paid off: I could determine exactly how it had changed.

The most obvious—and striking—difference is how much greener it looks; indeed, fall has been arriving later and later each year. But also notice all of the new growth descending down from the slope on the right; much of this, I suspect, began growing when a large hardwood tree died before I arrived, the stump of which is barely visible to the right in the 2014 image. Many of the young beech trees to the right have grown rapidly, likely due to the same circumstance. However, quite disturbing is the recent loss of several other hardwoods, including the one in the foreground at the extreme left, as well as a few centered in the distance. Assuming all of these trends continue, I imagine the view will have changed significantly in another five years (although regrettably I probably won't be around to see it).

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