Room by Room: Living Room

The living room is part of the whole living space, which encompasses the kitchen and bedroom. The only thing that sets it off from the other areas, aside from some seating and perhaps a coffee table, is a fireplace.

Below I've photoshopped in the fireplace model I've tentatively chosen: a Malm Fire Drum 2, a very retro freestanding wood burning fireplace design from the 1960s that's still available on custom order. One important aspect of the Fire Drum is that it's a close-clearance unit, meaning it can be located within 6-8 inches of the window wall, so it won't eat up too much floor space.

I'd wanted something more like the example at right, but that one is impossible to find, and similar ones start at around $8,000! The Malm is less than half that—which is still costly enough as it is—and given that it weighs 500 pounds, I won't be installing it myself.

Update: Given my limited funds these days, the Malm is more than likely out of the running. I'll probably purchase something much more economical—perhaps even used.

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