My Own Furniture

Although I've managed to find some relatively acceptable bits of furniture, such as the bar stools for the floating breakfast bar, I knew there'd be some pieces that would be impossible to find commercially. Case in point:

Coffee Table

After finishing the kitchen countertops, I had a surprising amount of tile left over. I'm not quite sure how I arrived at the idea, but one day (9 November 2019, actually) I was struck by the notion of making my own coffee table as a visual extension of the breakfast bar. And, being lucky for once, I had enough leftover lumber to build it.

The angled corners were an obvious given, but the angled legs are still a mystery: how that design element came to be I may never know. I suppose straight legs might have been a bit boring, whereas the angled legs, while not boring, are admittedly a little strange—kind of like a cross between a sawhorse and a picnic table. Whatever! It's exactly the right size with an exactly matching finish, so why grouse?

Work started on 17 November 2019, and it went together quite quickly—there's not much to a coffee table, after all. The random lighter tiles, by the way, are glow-in-the-dark! I'd planned on using them in the now-aborted tree mural for the breakfast bar. Also, the rectangular space inside the leg braces is built to hold a tempered glass shelf, although I've no idea what I'd keep there... coasters, perhaps? Remotes?

Trim, stain and grout went on first thing the next morning.

And the glass shelf arrived on 4 December.

Sofa Chairs

My success with the coffee table has me thinking about making sofa chairs, for two big reasons: one, I haven't found anything I like, and two, it's much more economical. We'll see; it's early days.


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