Sidebar: The Bed

My little house has a living space that comprises the kitchen, living room and bedroom. The bed will be a permanent, integral part of the space. Some people are a little weirded out by that; others grok the concept. For as long as I've dreamed of designing and building my own home, it'd been my hope to have this sort of living space. That I found the perfect piece of property on which to realize that dream was a stoke of pure luck. When the house is done, every day I'll wake up to and live within a single space that celebrates The View.

The bed began on 25 August 2016 in the same manner as the kitchen cabinets: with a frame of pressure-treated 2x6s anchored to the floor.

The headboard is structurally part of the wall behind the bed; its base was framed out with 2x4s.

The headboard itself was framed out with 2x3s. Its shape mirrors that of the living space turned on its side. The sloped part at the bottom will meet the top of the mattress and create a "nest" for pillows so I can comfortably sit up in bed and read. The sloped part at the top will house built-in lighting.

The extensions at the bottom on either side are basically "floating end tables" that will have small drawers mounted on the underside. (Although I'll be living alone, I don't discount the possibility of having an overnight guest someday. She'll have to like cats...)

A pair of dimmers are mounted on either side. The entire headboard will be finished with wide hardwood boards.

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