Chapter 6. One Board At a Time

I wasted no time breaking out my tools and making some sawdust. In fact, I started framing before the concrete work was done—the first pieces of sill plate were bolted down on 7 April 2016, and I had two walls of the garage up before the masons returned to pour the deck footings.

I was hampered to some degree by the residual effects of whatever disease had hit me the prior fall (in retrospect it was almost certainly a Sarcoid attack). Thankfully it was easing up on its own, likely as a result of the intense regular exercise I was getting. Every day, weather permitting, I worked from dawn until dusk. In less than a month, the upper level was framed.

By the middle of May I had the second level framed, and by the end of May I was working full-bore on the third level, the main living space, the largest and most complex part of the house.

The living space framing continued through the month of June. It was slow-going; the weather was uncooperative, with frequent sudden drenching rains. But I kept at it; with the roof already done on the upper levels, I worked on plumbing and electric during the rain.

The end was in sight: all that remained was the roof on the living space. But that's when my life began to unravel...


Room by Room




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