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This Week at Grump Central

2 February 2023

Full stop. My computer has been hacked, courtesy of PayPal. Hackers have found a way to send you an invoice that can install malicious software on your computer just by attempting to cancel the invoice from within your PayPal account (as opposed to email). Worse, the malicious software passes through security applications like they weren't there, and it cannot be found or deleted by conventional means. A full security sweep of my machine yielded nothing.

Lesson learned: Do not trust PayPal. It is no longer secure. Plus, because of the way direct withdrawals are set up with PayPal, banks cannot undo that connection. The only way to protect yourself is to close your PayPal account. Then, change your login credentials for every other online account.

Incidentally, because my PC is currently compromised, I cannot send or receive email until I get my machine disinfected. I have no idea how long that will take, so please be patient with me.

Oh, the photo? Just an odd-looking sunrise on 28 January.

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