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10 September 2022

The time has come for me to move on to the last chapter of my life. Yes, this was supposed to be it, but my heart condition and other issues have made it impractical for me to stay here. So I've sold the property, and I'm now in the process of purchasing a new home—a small, one-level affair closer to town, doctors and all that good stuff—where I can live out what few days I have remaining with far less overhead. Granted, I will of course lose the view as well as loads of other exceptional things, but that's the price to pay: I'm trading isolation and incomparable aesthetics for convenience and affordability. It may all seem rather sudden, but in reality I've been engineering such a move for quite a while, and regulars with a good memory will recall I've been hinting at it for some time. Consequently, I'll probably be offline for the next few weeks while I attend to an endless list of things in a relatively short amount of time. Oh, and don't worry, my kids will be moving with me. See you all on the other side.

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