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This Week at Grump Central

27 May 2023

Having gotten Max Dumproom out of my system, I've moved on to something more substantial and satisfying. For quite a long time I'd wanted to produce an original animated series; I just needed a little nudge to finally get my butt in gear. The old saying goes, "write about what you know," and my new hood provided the ideal inspiration.

Thus was born Dicks Retirement Trailer Park, an exceedingly quirky series about an exceedingly quirky bunch of residents at an exceedingly quirky mobile home park. The one-minute episodes are produced in a very spare, simplistic style for the economy of both time and technical resources; indeed, I leveraged the style in certain aspects of the storytelling—such as it is. It's early days, and the series is admittedly less than satisfying. But I'm learning as I go, and hopefully it will improve over time.

Although it's a cartoon, it's definitely not for little kids; however, it's also not "excessively adult," so hopefully Dicks will find a broader audience than some of my other efforts.

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