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Today at Grump Central

Monday, 3 August 2020

Even though I only spent half of the allotted time putting my short film together for the competition, my entry was well-received (it appeared second in the line-up). I present it here for my "regulars" to enjoy. My friends will recognize which aspects of the film are "based on actual events" and which are not. To those outside of my circle of friends, bear in mind that the diagnosis is all that's truly accurate; the rest ranges between semi- and totally-fictionalized. The internal dialog is somewhat realistic, assuming the "real me" in the film instead represents my closest friends who were initially in denial, while the "virtual me" is how I actually am.

New Here?

For newcomers not aware of my history, and why some of my posts can be pretty grim, on 20 February 2020 I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. With an ejection fraction of around 12%, I've got roughly a year to live, at most maybe two. I update this page every day, so if the updates stop, you can guess what happened. See About the Grump for more details.

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