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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Two years and a bunch of months ago I was enthusiastically carrying on with life, totally oblivious to where things were headed. Ah, how much simpler things were back then, despite the fact that money was impossibly tight and I was relying on the kindness of others to make any real headway. My concerns were trivial by comparison to today. Example: a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, for which I first applied on 11 February 2019 and still don't have. Thanks to the pandemic, it seems to have dropped off of everyone's radar. Not that it matters anymore—were I to pursue it once again, I'd be dead long before there was any substantive progress. And so it is that I continue living here "illegally."

New Here?

For newcomers wondering why some of my posts are so grim, in February 2020 I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Having an ejection fraction of around 12%, I've got about a year to live, give or take. I update this page every day, so if the updates stop—unless it's a hurricane or other non-health event—you can assume the worst.

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