Messing Around With Sound

You've arrived at the home of a virtual musician. In reality, I'm no musician at all, so my efforts will likely prove to be the opposite of good. You have been warned.


Best Of

Best Of

If you don't have the time to slog though all of my stuff, here's a collection of tunes that don't suck.



Quarter To

As I assembled tracks, many of them morphed into jazz tunes, so I gave them all a home: an old, smoky bar on the edge of town.

Wasn't Me

Most but not all of these feature saxophone artists. There's a bit more variety in style on this album.



I Don't Dance

I really enjoy the music of ATB, Chicane and others for reasons I can't explain because, ironically, I don't dance. No matter; I've created a place for my musical contributions to the dance floor.

Harder Faster Stranger

Here are some eclectic electronic-techno-dance-trance hybrids, as well as some strange, difficult-to-classify tunes.



Green Magic

Most of these works were inspired by the artists who introduced us to the trance and/or ambient genres. Includes a few experimental pieces.


Admittedly not for everyone, Oblivion is a "concept" album comprised of five long, slow, deep ambient pieces.



Brain Churn

This album is reserved for my experimental stuff, so brace yourself for the bizarre. "It's music, Jim, but not as we know it."


Soundtrack music is among my very favorite genres, so I finally decided, what the heck? Make an original soundtrack of my own.

Just Getting Started

We all start somewhere, and these tracks are a result of the learning process; some of my earliest work is here, which might show how far I've come (or not).


More Nonsense

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