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1 December 2023

Here I am coasting into 2024 like a car that's run out of gas after driving for a few years on two out of eight cylinders. Honestly, I don't see my trip lasting much longer, especially after suffering through a brutal flu that started the week before Thanksgiving and is still going strong. If I'd had another year left to live, this flu surely beat it out of me. I've dropped any new projects I'd had in mind, and what few unfinished projects that remain are getting wrapped up in short order; I'm doing my best to leave behind no unfinished business. At this point, unless something extraordinary happens, I don't foresee having a reason to make another post. So, think of it this way: as long as those bare trees are up, I'm still breathing.

17 November 2023

Completed a little breakfast bar bonus in the kitchen. This is quite likely the last project for the trailer I'll ever do.

7 November 2023

Please join me in an auditory reverie.

23 October 2023

Yes, I've taken down most of my videos. All they were doing is collecting derogatory comments, so I saw no purpose in continuing to share them. I've left my modeling and railroad videos online, however, as it would appear they're still appreciated by some people. The photo, incidentally, is of the condo parking lots directly behind me in early morning fog.

14 October 2023

It's funny: I go and quit weekly posts because I had nothing to post about, and now all of a sudden I've got new stuff to post about. I've been doing some work on the trailer, I've posted a few new film reviews, and I've had occasion to ponder the number 60,000. The sunset—a rare thing for me to catch around here—ended the day on 13 October.

7 October 2023

Today marks a sad anniversary: one year ago I moved into this place. But it's not the move in that's significant to me; it's the move out of the other place. Not a day I will ever celebrate. The image, by the way, is a crack in the sidewalk beside my front door. I love how Mother Nature takes advantage of every opportunity she has to grow things. The prior owner used to diligently clean it all out, whereas I'm tempted to put up a sign, "Please don't walk on the moss."

2 October 2023

Output of a new hobby: my ex got me a watercolor set as a gift, with the expectation of seeing some creative output. The subject is the cabin in New Hampshire where I spent many summers. I haven't done a watercolor since high school, so it's been a challenge. This is the second painting I've completed; the first was very much a practice piece and not worthy of publication. However, as much as I've enjoyed doing it, I won't be producing them on a regular basis, as sadly it kills my eyes working on them. So don't expect to see a Grumpy Art Gallery anytime soon.

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