All Done With Mirrors

I make no claim to being a photographer, at least not in the sense that I made a living "taking pictures." A long time ago in a life far, far away, I worked as a photographer's assistant for two professional photographers, and for several years I earned my crust shooting special effects images for multimedia productions using my own hand-built camera. Beyond that, I'm strictly an amateur.

Most of my best photos were taken on my former property (the "best of the best" appeared in a custom calendar). To save folks from having to dig through that enormous website just to see pretty pictures, here are links directly to several galleries featuring a few hundred images selected from an archive of over ten thousand.

During this time I did some fairly in-depth photographic studies of flora and fauna. These galleries are quite deep and lead to numerous sub-galleries and detail pages.

Also, I posted a photo a day in my Grumplog for four years beginning 10 December 2017, total over 1,600 images, which included a number of image manipulation experiments just for fun.

Regrettably, this site would be significantly larger were it not for a nervous breakdown I suffered in 2000. I once had thousands more photographs (almost exclusively slides) taken mostly during my college years. Among other things, I used to chase thunderstorms, and amassed an extensive collection of lightning images. In addition, I was deeply fascinated with fireflies (still am, actually), and I did considerable experimentation photographing them. These images, plus countless more, all now reside in some landfill, although about 50 slides from the early- to mid-1970s survived, many of which are presented here (the slides were in poor shape, riddled with scratches and dirt; I've done my best to restore them).

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