The Grump's Last Stop

“There is time. There are returns. To go is to return.”
—Ursula K. Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven

This is it: the long and winding road to the end of the line, best accompanied by that great Traveling Wilburys tune. (Note that there's a smattering of adult language.)

  1. The Nowhere Man
  2. Number Thirteen
  3. Moving On
  4. Moving In
  5. Yes, I Live Here

Progress Reports

2 December 2022: Added the second bedroom.
1 December 2022: Christmas came early for my kids: they now have a new cubby.
29 November 2022: Rewrote Chapter 5.
23 November 2022: With the kitchen 99% done, I also have a coat closet.
22 November 2022: The kitchen is nearing completion.
21 November 2022: The shower door is in at long last.
16 November 2022: The kitchen redo is screaming along at breakneck speed.
14 November 2022: The new heat pump is in.
12 November 2022: Added utilities.
11 November 2022: The kitchen redo has been kicked into high gear.
9 November 2022: Updated A Return.
7 November 2022: Powered up the water heater and finished fixing the water main.
6 November 2022: Finished plumbing the water heater.
5 November 2022: Finished the bookcase.
4 November 2022: Continued with the tankless water heater.
3 November 2022: Finished the breaker panel.
29 October 2022: Began work on the breaker panel.
28 October 2022: Finished building the dining room table.
28 October 2022: Received the new washer and dryer.
28 October 2022: Started work on installing a tankless water heater.
26 October 2022: Began a return (of sorts).
25 October 2022: Added the foyer to the project list.
23 October 2022: Added the laundry to the project list.
22 October 2022: Installed the new vanity in the bathroom.
16 October 2022: Installed the woodland mural.
15 October 2022: Prepared the wall for the woodland mural.
11 October 2022: Finished building the bed.
10 October 2022: Finished reworking the bedroom closet.

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