Publishing CV

  • Published "A world in my lap," Model Railroader magazine, October 1975, p. 42
  • Published "How to build a waterfall," Model Railroader magazine, December 1975, p. 81
  • Printed the Nov/Dec 1967 issue of the N-Trak Newsletter
  • Assisted writing the narration for Rick Spano's Sceniced and Undecided, Kalmbach Layout Video Tour #4, 1985
  • Published "Double-sided foam tape makes tracklaying quick and easy," Model Railroader magazine, March 1992, p. 110
  • Published "For improved realism: wipe out freight car wobble," Model Railroader magazine November 1999, p. 108
  • Published "Enhancing an N scale tower," Model Railroader magazine, December 1999, p. 106
  • Acknowledged for building the automated staging yard for Rick Spano's Sceniced and Undecided in Great Model Railroads 1999
  • Published "Let's try this again!" Great Model Railroads 2000, p. 66
  • Published "Route control for slow-motion turnout motors," Model Railroader magazine, November 2000, p. 106
  • Published "Stronger uncoupling magnets," Model Railroader magazine, June 2004, p. 72
  • Track plan for the WR&N IV appeared in Kalmbach's 102 Realistic Track Plans
  • Photographed Rick Spano's Sceniced and Undecided for the Nov/Dec 2006 issue of N Scale Railroading
  • Edited the book Weathering by Tom Mann, published 2009
  • Photographed the cover shot for the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of N Scale magazine, and rendered the track plan for Lee Weldon's "Finding the Sweet Spot"
  • My James River Branch layout won best of show at the National Z Scale Convention, May 2012
  • Rendered the track plan for Rick Balassaitis' article, "The 'Perfect' 4' x 8' Track Plan" in the Sept/Oct 2012 issue of N Scale magazine
  • Published "The James River Branch: Pushing the Envelope," Ztrack magazine, Jan/Feb 2013
  • Published a photo of "Somewhere in New Jersey" in the "Great Scenes" section in N Scale Railroading, May/June 2013
  • Acknowledged for a kitbashed station I built for Dave Vollmer's Juniata Division in Great Model Railroads 2014, p. 42
  • All About Postage Stamp Trains is referenced in "From the Archive" in the April 2018 issue of Model Railroad News, p. 90, and I served as consultant, editor and photo contributor for the author, Tony Cook
  • Published "Eight Square Feet of Nostalgia," N Scale magazine, May/June 2023, p. 52


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