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Founded in 1960 in Austria, Roco (originally Roco-Peetzy Miniatur-Modelle) got its start making plastic sand pails. Not long afterward, they began producing miniature tanks and military vehicles. By 1966 they'd broken into the model railroading market with HO narrow gauge industrial trains; then they began producing freight cars, many of them commissioned by American companies.

It wasn't long before Trix contracted with them to produce freight cars in N Scale, which Roco branded for Trix. This was soon followed by contracts with many other model railroading manufacturers around the globe, and Roco freight cars became ubiquitous. Incidentally, Roco acquired TT and N Scale tooling from Röwa of Germany when it collapsed in 1975. In 2008, Roco Modellspielwaren GmbH went bankrupt and, together with Fleischmann—another N Scale pioneer—was purchased by Modelleisenbahn GmbH (not to be confused with Trix Modelleisenbahn GmbH), which continued the Roco Brand.

Roco now exclusively manufactures HO products, including a line of digital controllers, decoders and accessories such as camera cars. Headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, Roco has five manufacturing sites: Gloggnitz, Austria; Slovakia, Romania and Vietnam. Modelleisenbahn GmbH announced in August 2017 that they're seeking new ownership for their Roco and Fleischmann lines.

Additional details on the history of Roco can be found here.

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