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Caveat emptor: If you're looking to buy items online, be aware that boxes may contain items only similar to the correct ones, or not even close, or possibly even from other manufacturers. Some sellers don't bother to verify the contents; some don't know what to look for; and a few deliberately stuff boxes with the wrong products. (Ask me how I know this.) If you're the slightest bit uncertain, examine the contents carefully, request additional photos if necessary, and compare them to those shown on this website before making a purchase.

Market value: I tend to avoid the topic of prices simply because there are no hard and fast guidelines, especially since Postage Stamp collectors are relatively few in number. Furthermore, consider the following circumstances: While it is true that most of the products are out of production, they came from manufacturers who have supplied multiple importers for decades, and the market is essentially saturated with fifty-year-old merchandise of low-to-average quality by today's standards. Since the products themselves are not unique, the only thing of any real of value to the Postage Stamp collector is actually the packaging.

Train sets are likely the most highly prized items, but not consistently: I've seen sets in good condition go for as little as $50, while boxes of junk rake in triple that or more. Probably the only thing that might be considered truly valuable would be a completely sealed set, where the cellophane around the whole outside of the box is intact, which is indeed rare—I've only ever seen one in the last 15 years. Be aware, however, that it's merely the cellophane that gives it so much value, and then only in the currency of bragging rights. In the end, it's really up to the individual how valuable a given item is to them personally.


If you don't understand what you're selling, find out what you need to know at this website. I've documented everything I could possibly find about every Postage Stamp Trains product. If there's something I've missed or gotten wrong, or if there's a specific detail you need to know that's not covered, please let me know!

What I Need

I really don't want any more train sets (I've got too many as it is, and I'll be selling nearly all of them in the near future). However, I'd very much appreciate receiving photos of sets not on the train set index, particularly those from the early 70s, and most especially Canadian sets. That said, there are a few items I'd like to add to my collection:

  • 4934 wire assortment — need the box and at least one pack
  • 4976 metal rail joiners — need the box and at least one pack
  • service parts that have no photos
  • one of these, regardless of its condition or contents, even if it's an empty box:

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