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Service Parts Packaging

Most Postage Stamp service parts came in blister packs with a dozen items on hanging cards. Individual packs would be cut from the card with scissors. There were two styles of hanging card: one was pale green with a large black header, and the other was bright yellow with a small white header. Aurora printed and assembled the cards in the US, with parts supplied by Trix. Note that yellow parts cards are marked Copyright 1963; this error is likely due to the artwork having been recycled from their Model Motoring parts cards, which are identical.

Some parts, such as the front and rear loco truck assemblies, came in blister packs or plastic boxes, the latter shipped in cartons of six.

Replacement loco shells were packed in the same cardboard boxes as early rolling stock (right); they could also be ordered directly from Aurora, and they were shipped in small cardboard shipping cartons (below). Images of hanging cards and shell box courtesy of Bob Williams.

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