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1967 Transcontinental Express Sets

Catalog Numbers

  • 4704 with power pack
  • 4804 without power pack
Road Names
  • 210 Union Pacific
  • 220 Santa Fe
  • 230 Pennsylvania
  • 240 Baltimore & Ohio


Rolling Stock

A curious aspect of these sets is that the packaging was designed to accommodate a coach, a Vista-Dome and an observation car, yet they had two coaches and no Vista-Dome. The newer version is a single-header, replacing the dummy loco with one more coach and a Vista-Dome. Also, compare this set with Arnold's Royal Blue or Super Chief, released in 1964—had Trix's dome car been ready, the sets would be virtually identical.

  • 10 X 4-3/8" straight
  • 1 X snap-in rerailer
  • 11 X 7-1/2" radius 30 degree curve
  • 1 X curved feeder track
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4704/4804-210 Trays

4704/4804-220 Trays

4704/4804-240 Trays

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