A Series of Animated Dioramas

No, this isn't another "last layout" layout, although it may seem that way. This is a collection of N Scale dioramas built from bits and pieces of the decommissioned White River & Northern X as well as other recent layouts and projects. While trying to finish the WR&N X, I discovered something more satisfying than building layouts.

The factor that most shapes these dioramas is what items and materials I have on hand; it's highly unlikely I'll buy anything for them, much as I might like to. It would be far too easy for me to go nuts and plan/start a great many dioramas based on stuff I don't have! I want to stick with what I've got so I can finish as many as possible in the little time I have remaining.

Originally I had over a dozen dioramas planned. But after I started working on a few, I realized I probably wouldn't live long enough to finish even half of them. So I cut the list back to the most interesting ones—which, if I'm honest, is fluid. Consequently, the list is always in flux, so please stop back often.

The Dioramas

  1. Field of Dreams — cosmetically finished
  2. Where She Sleeps — completely finished
  3. Men At Work — featuring "the world's most animated building"
  4. Double Feature — may be discontinued...
  5. Saturday at the Park — animations finished, some cosmetics remain
  6. Yesteryear — uncertain
  7. We Live Here — uncertain

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