A Series of Animated Dioramas

No, this isn't another "last layout" layout, although it may seem that way. This is a collection of N Scale dioramas built from bits and pieces of the decommissioned White River & Northern X as well as other recent layouts and projects. While trying to finish the WR&N X, I discovered something more satisfying than building layouts.

Originally I had over a dozen dioramas planned, but after I started working on a few, I realized I probably wouldn't live long enough to finish even half of them. So I cut the list back to the most interesting ones that had the best shot at being completed. "Where She Sleeps" is totally finished; the rest are fully functional, and just have some cosmetic work left.

The Dioramas

A fifth diorama, "Double Feature," is functional but I lack the funds to do the modeling, while a sixth, "Yesteryear," was started but likely won't get much further than some model buildings sitting on a box.

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