3. Men At Work

If ever there was an example of "scope creep," here it is. It started with just the gas station, excavator and dump truck. Then came the road compactor, the cement truck, the Bobcat, the tow truck, etcetera, ad infinitum. I kept trying to rein in the scope creep, but each time I did, I came up with yet more things to add. So... rather than fight it, I just said, "Fine, bring it."

Presently, this ambitious 11" x 18" diorama will feature:

  1. Dump truck
  2. Excavator
  3. Road compactor
  4. Bobcat
  5. Cement truck with rotating drum, moving chute and 4-ways
  6. Tow truck with work lights, 4-ways and ski rack, towing mail truck with 4-ways
  7. Gas station with car lift, flickering shop light and oscillating desk fan
  8. Rotating lighted sign
  9. Grade crossing gates
  10. Tractor-trailer (low boy carrying bulldozer) stuck on grade crossing
  11. Truck towing Bobcat on trailer
  12. Barber shop (includes nearly a dozen animated items in one building)
  13. Laundromat
  14. Road flares
  15. Police cars with ski racks
  16. Traffic light
  17. Barricade barrels with flashers
  18. Chaser light sign
  19. Type G signal

That's a lot of stuff to pack into this little thing! Most of the animations are finished; it's predominantly cosmetic work left to be done. Below is a preliminary planning session with just some of the items.

On 11 October 2021 I made a box for the diorama from -inch Gatorfoam.

Since that time, the module has gone through quite a few changes, as one might expect given my penchant for making revisions.

Eventually the revisions were so numerous that the top of the box became a slice of Swiss cheese, so I started over with a new box.

The control panel/power supply is in a separate box, connected to the diorama via this 44-conductor connector; the excavator and the barber shop/laundromat have their own separate control boxes and connectors.


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