Where She Sleeps

This New England backwoods engine facility is a chunk of the White River & Northern X that's pretty much intact.

This 7" x 11" diorama features:

  1. Water tower with working spout
  2. Sand tower
  3. Enginehouse with working doors, exhaust fans, welding effect and a door light
  4. Oil column
  5. Pumphouse
  6. Fuel oil tank
  7. Yard office with a door light
  8. Model A Coupe with head- and tail-lights

The title, by the way, refers to the locomotive that resides here, which is a Shay.

This was my starting point:

On 10 October 2021 I completed a Gatorfoam box for the display:

I continued to experiment with the organization of the diorama's components...

Then I walked away from modeling for several months. When I resumed modeling, the first thing I did was work on this diorama. On 10 June 2022 I declared it finished:


Here's a video of the finished diorama, done in the style of an old silent film.

These are "final install" videos showing the animations in their finished setting.

Water Tower:

Oil Column:

Enginehouse Doors:

Exhaust Fans:

Welding Effect:


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