Company Profile: Mehano

History in a Nutshell

Mehanotehnika was founded in 1952 as a Slovenian toy company, and manufactures both traditional and electronic toys, as well as model railroad products. The company name was derived from the name of the first puzzle toy they produced; they've gone by Mehano since 1990.

Relatively speaking, Mehano's model train products were a recent addition to their product line, as their toys and games were and remain their primary focus. Still, they produced a great many items mostly for rebranding by importers, and some, such as their light rail models, remain unique to Mehano. They continue to produce model trains, some of which now incorporate DCC technology.

N Scale Products

Beginning around 1968, Mehanotehnika's N Scale trains were imported and rebranded by a great many North American companies and distributors, including AHM, Atlas, Life-Like, Model Power, MRC and others. Also, some of Rivarossi's first N Scale diesels were made for them by Mehano, such as this RSC-2 sold by Atlas.

Printed Matter

Since Mehano's N Scale trains were principally sold through importer/rebranders, they didn't have any of their own literature covering these products.

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