Company Profile: Model Rectifier Corp.

History in a Nutshell

Since 1947, Model Rectifier Corporation of Edison, New Jersey, has principally been making transformers and other electrical products for slot cars and model railroads, and MRC "power packs" have been ubiquitous. More recently, MRC entered the DCC market; they've also been branching out into other product lines, having purchased a number of companies:

  • Academy, maker of plastic kits for ships, planes and military vehicles
  • Double Eagle, maker of radio-controlled construction vehicles
  • Easy Model, maker of pre-assembled military vehicles
  • Mantua, an early manufacturer of HO Scale locomotives and rolling stock
  • Model Power, importer/rebrander of HO and N Scale model trains and accessories
  • JTT, maker of trees and scenery materials
  • Schuco, maker of diecast 1:87 vehicles

N Scale Products

MRC's N Scale experience was surprisingly short, lasting only from 1968 to around 1971, during which time they principally imported/rebranded Roco and Rwa products. (Now that they own Model Power, they're back in the N Scale train market.)

Printed Matter

Considering the brevity of their history in N Scale, this October 1969 Model Railroader ad was rather ironic.

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