Sidebar: Manufacturers on the Cusp

These manufacturers arrived at the scene on or right after my cutoff. There are probably others I've yet to identify.

Graham Farish

Established in the late 1940s in Dorset, England, Graham Farish is a very familiar name to British model railroaders. They eventually came to be best known for their N Scale range, which they launched in 1970 under the brand name GRAFAR. Their product line continued to grow steadily over the years, and included locomotives, rolling stock, structures and details. In 2001 Graham Farish was purchased by the Kader Group, owners of Bachmann.

Mil-Scale Products

Mil-Scale Products in Milwaukee was one of many small craftsman kit makers that added N Scale to their HO product line. Their new N kits were announced in the December 1969, but didn't ship until the following year.


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