Company Profile: Heljan

History in a Nutshell

Founded in 1958, Heljan is based in Søndersø, Denmark. Originally a manufacturer of kits, details and accessories, they since expanded their product range to include locomotives and rolling stock in British as well as Continental styles in some obscure scales—1, 0, H0, 00 and 009 (00 narrow gauge), which are made for them in China. The only things they offer in N Scale are the same dozen or so buildings they've made from the beginning, which can still be ordered from Heljan. Evidently they had some sort of collaborative business arrangement with Con-Cor back in the day.

N Scale Products

Heljan began making inject molded plastic structure kits in N Scale in 1968; although they offered a number of American-styled structures, their product range remained relatively small. At best their tooling is coarse and bulky.

Also, one might assume they made the "Homes of Yesterday and Today" kits for IHC (formerly AHM), as the boxes are marked "Made in Denmark," although they're not in Heljan's current catalog.

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