Company Profile: Heki

History in a Nutshell

Heki Kittler GmbH is strangely enigmatic. Despite being a leading manufacturer of model railroad scenery supplies and accessories since the 1950s, there's very little information about the company to be found—even their own website has no "about us" page.

What's even harder to find is catalogs from the late 1960s to confirm their entry into the N Scale market, but I'll bet they joined the likes of Busch, Faller, Haug, Herpa, Noch and possibly others, all of whom were cranking out countless cheesy N Scale plastic tunnels and such as soon as they could tool them up.

N Scale Products

Although I've no proof yet, my gut says Heki had N Scale decorated tunnels, tunnel portals and other paraphernalia, like these undated products, by 1968 at the latest.

Printed Matter

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