Brain Churn

This album is reserved for my experimental stuff, so brace yourself for the bizarre. "It's music, Jim, but not as we know it." Click the album cover for an enlargement.


Track 1: Brain Churn
Released 26 March 2022

You could call this my protest song against online life. There's quite a bit going on here: I created nearly a hundred samples using over two dozen different synthetic voices rattling off website names. It spawned this new album because I didn't feel it was "musical" enough for Harder Faster Stranger.

Track 2: The Ew Song
Released 14 April 2022

For your amusement, here's an absurd, mercifully short experiment in manipulating synthetic voices to simulate singing—well, sort of. Synthetic singing programs are available, and some of them are astoundingly good. But they also cost hundreds of dollars, unlike text-to-speech apps, which are freely available online. Based on the ridiculous, results, I doubt I will pursue this any further.

Track 3: No Brakes
Released 21 April 2022

After creating a wacky drum sequence, the rest of this goofy, freewheeling little tune fell together in an afternoon. Honestly, it was just an excuse to use a bunch of hand-assembled loops I'd made that had nowhere else to go.

Track 4: Spacetime
Released 24 April 2022

A mellow quasi-dance tune, "Spacetime" is dedicated to the late Stephen Hawking, who contributed the vocals—obviously without his (or anyone else's) permission, although I doubt anyone would come after me for pinching four words from a two-hour lecture. Unlike Hawking, it's simple and predictable.

Track 5: Bang
Released 16 April 2022

Here's five-plus minutes of your life you'll never get back. For a long time I'd wanted to create a track with nothing but drums and percussion, and having upwards of a thousand drum samples on file (with many thousands more available online), the challenge was choosing what to use. After months of tinkering, I finally got it to a point where it doesn't sound stupid (of course, it still might). For fans of drums and percussion, here's nearly 150 samples, all in one track.

Track 6: Somewhen Else
Released 21 April 2022

No drums, no percussion, no rhythm track... just lots of lush, dreamy synth chords—imagine an aurora borealis in sound—to carry you away.

Track 7: Angina
Released 13 February 2022

Undoubtedly a difficult track to listen to, this one is also painfully personal. It's an attempt to create a soundscape that expresses the way I've been feeling the last couple of years which, owing to heart failure, vacillates between so-so and not-so-good. Certainly not "music" in the traditional sense; play it if you dare.

Track 8: Destination
Released 18 May 2022

This one started out as a track for OST but kept growing, eventually becoming a pleasant, otherworldly trance-ish piece.


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