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It all started when I began envisioning Green Magic as a vinyl release (not that I'm a vinylphile; it was simply the nostalgia factor). I was working on the album cover art and liner notes when it occurred to me that I needed a catalog number, which in turn necessitated a name and logo for some play-pretend music record company.

Oddly, no music composition I've undertaken has been as frustrating as coming up with a fantasy record company name. It seemed that every idea I had, no matter how strange or obscure I thought it might be, was already taken. I started keeping track, and here are the record companies I found that already exist (yikes, just how many freaking record companies are there?):

  • Ethereal Records
  • Fantasy Records
  • Immaterial Records
  • Incomplete Records
  • Incorporeal Records
  • Intangible Records
  • Invisible Records
  • Neverwhere Records
  • Nondimensional Records
  • Nonexistent Records
  • Reasonable Records
  • Undiscovered Records
  • Unfair Records
  • Unjustified Records
  • Unreal Records
  • Vanished Records
  • Vapor Records
  • Virtual Records
  • Zero Records
  • 2nd through 15th Dimension Records

Then I struck heretofore undiscovered gold: Unreasonable Records. I was actually quite surprised that no one had taken it, so I wasted no time creating a logo. (For that matter, I still seem to have the corner on Talented Amateur as well. Indeed, for a while I owned talentedamateur.com, but dropped the domain name to save money; if this was another time, I'd also own unreasonablerecords.com). And so, dear reader, on 15 March 2022 I created a new, nonexistent record company. Let the record show that anyone else using this name is invisible to Google.

And yes, I'm aware that the logo looks like a sink trap, which is oddly appropriate.

Unreasonable Records Catalog

Here are the releases to date:

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