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7 July 2021

R.I.P. Roy.

21 June 2021

What's wrong with this picture? I was putting dishes away, and as I opened the left door, I watched in horror as $100 worth of tempered ripple glass pop out of its hinges, hurtle toward the floor, and instantly turn to snow (below left), spraying bits of glass as far away as 30 feet. This was a consequence of trying to save some money: I used clamp-on hinges (below right) in order to avoid the added cost of having holes drilled in the glass. Now I'll need to pay for two more glass doors, pay for holes to be drilled in them, and pay for new screw-on hinges. An expensive lesson learned.

5 June 2021

Freezer unpacked and put in place in the pantry. Highly doubtful I'll ever use it, but now it's there for whoever gets the house.

21 May 2021

Finally installed the dishwasher I received on 14 May—I was motivated by the fact that, should there be a problem with the unit, my return window is closing. However, I wouldn't be able to use my new appliance because I must wait for the delivery of a pipe fitting that Whirlpool is too cheap to include. Explain to me why they leave out a $5 fitting (retail, I'm sure they could get them for less than a buck) that's universally required. I mean, come on, what's the point in forcing the customer to buy one?

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