Aliases and Bio

  • Big Boy
  • Roy The Boy
  • $10,000 Kitty

Named after Roy Batty from Blade Runner, Roy Catty was the "$10,000 Kitty" because he had a rough time of it growing up, suffering from a series of acute urinary issues that involved several emergency surgeries to save his life. All together, the vet bills came pretty close to $10,000—you can tell what my priorities are, and I have no regrets at all! Roy was also the owner of the house. He often walked around with his front paws soaking wet because he loved to play in their water fountain. He was lithe, athletic, and killer handsome... and he knew it.

Born 18 November 2014, Roy had the softest fur and longest tail of any cat I've known. He's the one giving us the raspberry (below). He also grew the most quickly, hence Big Boy, but Zack outgrew him as an adult.

As a kitten, he was "Little Houdini," capable of escaping from any enclosure.

He was a scrawny dude.

After finally moving into the house, he was the first one to discover the "clubhouse," the little cubby over the refrigerator. That was day two.

As I built the house, he was the "Inspector General."

An outstanding snuggler, he was the glue that bound the siblings together. Above, with his sister Pris; below, with his brother Zack.

My $10,000 Kitty succumbed to his lifelong nemesis, urinary blockage, on 8 July 2021, at the entirely too young age of seven.

He will be remembered as a sweet, loving creature, and the best brother any kitty could hope to have.

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