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20 August 2018. I've received an extremely troubling call from JCP&L regarding permanent electric service. It's all detailed in the new section added to The Battle for Electricity.

17 August 2018. Installed a 220V outlet in the garage for an air compressor. Also, the kitchen sink was delivered.

16 August 2018. Installed the fireplace flue.

15 August 2018. I now have inspections scheduled for rough plumbing and electric early next week. Curiously, these inspections must be done before the one for framing.

14 August 2018. Ordered a bunch of stuff online, including the fireplace flue parts, the kitchen sink, and the kitchen faucet fixtures (grand total over $2K—ouch), which was about all I could do with daytime highs pushing 90.

12 August 2018. In spite of heat, humidity and rain, I still managed to knock off a couple more loose ends, such as the septic pump controller (below right).

11 August 2018. After a lengthy excursion to Lowes and Home Depot, I spent some time during the rainy afternoon tying up a couple of loose ends such as the HVAC compressor disconnect box (above left).

10 August 2018. I started making some sawdust framing the fireplace flue support (below left), now that I've chosen a unit and know exactly where it needs to be, and reframing the refrigerator and oven openings (below right) to suit new models to replace those that have been discontinued. Also, it looks like permanent electric service may arrive in mid-September, based on the initial responses I've received from the three parties involved.

8 August 2018. The nightmare is over. And for my first official task of the project reboot, I consolidated all of the construction debris and other bulky trash into one pile, and had it carted away. Given the 86° temperature and 70% humidity, that was all I could manage. But it was a vital first step, as it cleared the way for permanent electric service to be installed—and to that end, I also contacted my excavator to get him in the queue.

2 August 2018. Closing has been moved—but contrary to my expectations, it's now earlier: 8 August. The sooner the better, as far as I'm concerned!

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