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18 March 2019. After some lengthy chats with my original well driller, as well as some online research, I'm sticking with him, even though he's costlier. It seems the other guy was low-balling me with a price for an inadequate pump. May pull the trigger sometime in April, once the ditch is done and I've accumulated the funds.

14 March 2019. I've obtained the second well hookup quote, and while there was a fairly significant difference between the two, I've also learned that the paperwork required by the state to switch contractors is somewhat onerous, so it may not be a simple matter of going with the lower price.

13 March 2019. Improved weather has allowed my helpers (a.k.a. my "slave labor") to continue digging the trench between the well and house at a decent pace. Meanwhile, I've had the first of two well companies out to offer estimates on the hookup.

7 March 2019. The cold snap has slowed digging the trench between the well and house to a crawl, but my helper is nothing if not persistent, and has made a smidge of progress, using a pickaxe to hack through the frozen dirt.



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