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10 May 2020

Another teeny-tiny bit done... I finished all of the countertop grouting. There was one last little bit that never got grouted because I'd run out of grout. I'd bought more grout months ago, but moved on to other things and never got around to doing the last few square feet. I finally decided it was time. I even got two of the four cover plates up (can't find the last two—they've gotta be around here somewhere).

Oh, and as for the TCO? The whole Coronavirus mess has brought the process to a complete stop, so I've no idea when it'll get addressed.

27 April 2020

Actually did something on the house today: I finished installing the cooktop. I was tired of digging crud out from around the edge where it sat in the countertop, so I finally caulked it. Who knows, maybe that'll inspire me to finish the downdraft vents, too...

9 April 2020

Today I got my helpers to add Tyvek to the two short walls over the roof. Since these walls lacked siding, they were at risk of water damage, so the Tyvek should keep it safe until the siding goes on—whenever that might be (possibly not in my lifetime).

4 March 2020

Well, I've officially thrown the car in neutral, and will be coasting from here on out. If anything else gets done on the house, it'll be because I was looking for something different to do. I've submitted the paperwork for my TCO, which I expect to receive by the end of the month. Maybe. At that moment in time, I'll be living here legally for the first time since I purchased the property way back in October 2013. Some friends totally get why I've stopped work: I'm dying, and I want to enjoy the house before I go. And as much as I love working on it, "enjoy" doesn't mean work on it until my dying breath; it also means live here, and do those things I built the house for in the first place.

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