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22 February 2020

I've been thinking long and hard about my priorities in life, and the house isn't a big one, odd as that sounds. It's livable, so I'm safe and comfortable. But the chances are slim that I'd live to see it done, so my focus is going to be on my emotional health. And the best way for me to stay sane is to focus on my hobby. Which means there will be far fewer news updates here. I may make some progress from time to time, but only if I feel the need to do something different.

That said, I'm still working towards getting my TCO, so I can stop living here illegally. Unfortunately, it's been 21 days since the septic system contractor assured me the necessary paperwork would be mailed. And here I sit, feeling stranded: paid my bill, still empty-handed...

20 February 2020

Things just got a lot more complicated: I've been diagnosed with advanced congestive heart failure. This will significantly curtail not only my ability to work on the house, but also how much time I've got left to do stuff, and there is so much left to do. I've got a lot of hard choices to make in the time I have left—which isn't much.

14 February 2020

Refrigerator day! It arrived around 8:45 AM, and the delivery men had it unpacked, installed and running all of eight minutes later (installation wasn't included, but installing a refrigerator involves plugging it in and rolling it into place—big deal!). I spent far more time removing all of the packing materials from inside. Then I transferred and organized all of the stuff from the old mini-fridge. By 10:00, I was ready to go grocery shopping. $130 of groceries later, I still barely put a dent in it.

Meanwhile, I've been assured by the septic engineer that he'll be receiving the fill material certification from the builder early next week. I've also been assured that the certification obviates the need for any further testing. This I've got to see to believe!

12 February 2020

More frustration: I'd completely forgotten that I had the septic system builder's personal cell phone number, so when I found it, I took matters into my own hands and called him. We spoke very briefly—I certainly didn't need to explain why I was calling—and he assured me the matter would be resolved "right away," whatever that means. But it turns out it was just lip service to shut me up: when I contacted the engineer later, he said there'd been no progress on his end. I asked the engineer if I should start looking for a lawyer; he answered, "Not just yet."

11 February 2020

The septic engineer has been attempting to contact the builder, but the the builder has gone radio silent. Not surprising, really, but galling nonetheless. And there's nothing I can do about any of this mess. Oh, and one year ago today I applied for my TCO.

7 February 2020

Since rain prevented some planned outdoor work, my helper instead assisted me with one of the last puzzle pieces in the garage: installing sheetrock around the main breaker panel. This required that I finally add the power transfer for the refrigerator so it can be run from an emergency generator, comprising the two fixtures below the breaker panel: one is the transfer switch, and the other is the generator connection. Once that last bit of electrical work was done, the rock could go up.

In other news, another week has come and gone with zero progress on the septic system issue. In just four more days, I'll be entering Year Two of the TCO application process...

4 February 2020

My refrigerator delivery has been delayed yet again. When I asked Lowes why they couldn't just pull one from another store that has them in stock, I was told that "we don't transfer inventory between stores." Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. Please remind me to never order anything from Lowes ever again.

1 February 2020

There's been a glimmer of hope on the septic system testing front: the engineer told the builder that a portion of the disposal bed had to be dug up for further testing, all on the builder's dime. Suddenly the builder says he has the fill material certification papers at hand, when he didn't before. Hmmm... Well, the engineer should know by the middle of next week if the builder can make good on his promise, or if he's just blowing smoke. I'm not holding my breath.

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