Weekly Posts Summer 2023

14 August 2023

Well boys and girls, this post marks a big change. I've decided to stop making regular posts. There doesn't seem to be a point when my life doesn't change for months at a time. So I've decided that I will only post if there's something worth reporting. Meanwhile, feel free to email me if you're so inclined.

5 August 2023

Once again another unchanged week blew past. Not that anyone cares, but I've just completed my 100th episode of Dicks Retirement Trailer Park. Yes, each episode is only one minute long, but that means I've finished what amounts to a feature-length film. Kinda cool. Well, I think so, anyway. That's been my week. How was yours?

29 July 2023

Once again the week blew past, so quickly in fact that I totally missed making my Saturday post. No biggie. It's been more of the same, including another batch of Dicks Retirement Trailer Park cartoons. At least this hobby keeps me cool, while New Jersey broils along with the rest of the country. Regarding the pic, Pris has suddenly become fascinated by my computer.

22 July 2023

Another week much like the last several has flown past, and all I have to show for it is another batch of stupid Dicks Retirement Trailer Park cartoons. If this post sounds familiar, it is just a copy of the last few. My life has more or less locked into a predictable pattern.

15 July 2023

Another week much like the last several has flown past, and all I have to show for it is another batch of stupid cartoons, which will be posted in short order.

8 July 2023

Well another week has flown past here at Grump Central, and I barely noticed. Sometimes I think about quitting my grump posts, but whenever I'm late, like I am this week, I start getting concerned emails. So, here you go.

1 July 2023

Nothing much to report. Got another batch of silly cartoons going online shortly. What can I say? They keep me off the streets at night.

24 June 2023

So I made it to Summer 2023. Amazing. It's been yet another week like the past several: cranking out more cartoons. With each passing set of ten, I treat it more like a real "job." Now I've completely remastered all of the artwork and I'm taking the scriptwriting, as well as the animation process, increasingly more seriously. I've no good reason why, other than I'm enjoying it quite a lot. And now I've split off the web pages I'd originally created for the series into their own little mini-sub-website, which features all manner of "extras" about the show's production, characters, and so on. Silly, I know, but fun. And today's image is a wacky snapshot of Pris.

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