Sidebar: Uncertainties

Casting Cottage Industries

Numerous cottage industries in the UK had begun producing soft metal castings of details and accessories for N Scale early on. But since their histories have rarely if ever been documented by anyone—including the companies themselves—it's difficult to determine when they started in N. The names in the list link to my N Scale Figures Database.

Craftsman Kit Makers

There was also a bumper crop of established craftsman kit and detail manufacturers looking to branch out into N Scale. Any one or more of these may have started producing kits in the late 1960s, but the lack of good information on them makes it quite challenging to verify. The research is ongoing.

  • A&J Models
  • A.I.M. Products
  • Campbell Scale Models
  • Grandt Line
  • Period Miniatures
  • Quality Craft/Gloor Craft/Muir Models
  • Stewart Products
  • Wabash Valley Red Ball

Miscellaneous Manufacturers

These are complete unknowns I'm currently researching.

  • Beaver Products
  • Eckon
  • S.N. Mouldings


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