The Company


Cromer Models of Suffolk, England, is one of many little cottage industries to come and go since the dawn of N.

Cromer made cast metal detail items as well as kits for lorries and trams. Much of their line was taken over by Thameshead of Bedford, England, which was briefly owned by Invictascene before becoming the property of BH Enterprises.

The Figures

These unpainted cast metal figures and kits are typical of those offered by countless British cottage industries. Supposedly there were ten kits in their horse drawn carriage series; to date I've found four: Brewer's Dray, Coal Cart, Farmyard Cart, and Milk Float (the milk float image could not be recovered). Kits were packed in small cardboard boxes. Images are digitally reconstructed from multiple old, crappy photos scrounged from the Interwebs.

Where to Buy

These kits are as rare as hens' teeth, appearing on eBay once in a blue moon.

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