Company Profile: Peco

History in a Nutshell

Beginning in 1946 as a small family company in Pecorama, Beer in South Devon, England, the Pritchard Patent Product Company Ltd. was founded by Sydney Pritchard with the express purpose of making high-quality H0/00 prefab model track. Pritchard also figured prominently in the establishment of British N Gauge. Peco now manufactures track and other goods for Z, N, O, Gauge 1, N6.5/Nn3, OO9, H0m, O16.5, SM32 and G Scales. In addition to track, they produce rolling stock, structures and details for O, H0/00 and N Scales; they've also acquired Parkside Models, Wills Kits, Ratio Plastic Models, K&M Trees, and Model Scene (formerly Merit). Plus, they have a publishing arm responsible for Railway Modeller, Continental Modeller and many other books and magazines.

N Scale Products

Although best known for their excellent track, Peco also made N Scale locomotive shells and RTR freight cars from the beginning, and soon added small structures and many detail items. For a time, they also rebranded Preiser figures.

Printed Matter

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