Company Profile: Owo

History in a Nutshell

OWO is an East German manufacturer with scant available information. Established in the early 1960s, the parent company made wax flowers, and a toy division made models; their name comes from VEB Olbernhauer Wachsblumenfabrik Olbernhau. OWO made structure kits in HO, TT and N Scales from wood and cardstock; later they were injection-molded plastic. OWO became a part of an enormous conglomerate of manufacturers formed through the merger of the GDR companies making up VEB VERO, which included Piko and TeMos; consequently, OWO kits were branded VERO beginning around 1972.

N Scale Products

OWO landed in the N Scale market quite early with a fairly impressive assortment of kits.

Printed Matter

OWO catalogs are quite rare; I was able to scrounge up this page from a 1965 catalog.

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