Sidebar: One-Hit Wonders

Several companies entered the N Scale market ostensibly with the intent to expand their line, but only managed to make one or maybe two items. It's difficult to justify including them in the main table of manufacturers when they had so little to offer.

Alexander Scale Models

Alexander Scale Models of Benton Harbor, Michigan, has been making craftsman kits since the early 1950s. Toward the end of 1968 they released cast plaster tunnel portals in N Scale. Today, the only N Scale products they still carry are a few windows.

Balboa Model Distributors

Balboa Model Distributors in San Diego released an N Scale ruler in 1969.


John Anderson, Bruce Bechtold and Harry Parker formed a small foundry, Associated Brass Products, in 1959, and they started manufacturing cast detail parts for modelers under the name Cal-Scale. In 1969 they made a plastic kit for a small N Scale timber trestle. Incidentally, Bowser Manufacturing bought Cal-Scale in 1985 and moved it to Montoursville, Pennsylvania.

Flint Model Supply

This Chicago hobby shop also released a nice N Scale stainless steel ruler in 1969; I still have mine.

Jamco Ltd.

Jamco Ltd. of Skokie, Illinois, imported Japanese brass locomotives. Materializing in 1968, Jamco disappeared two years later; their one and only product was then sold by Master Model Products of Chicago. More information here.


Among the companies about which there is the least information is Real-Like Scale Models of Chula Vista (later National City), California. Evidently they began making HO Scale trees and scenery items in the mid-1960s, and added two sets of N Scale trees to their line by the end of 1969. Real-Like announced a number of N Scale plastic structure kits in 1973 that, to my knowledge, never materialized, and the company seems to have vanished about that time.

Romford Models

Romford Models of Watford, Hertfordshire, UK (now part of Markits) introduced a tank loco around 1965. To the best of my knowledge, this was the only model they produced, although they still make wheels and other parts to this day.

This listing appears in the W&H (Models) Limited of London catalogue, 2/65.


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