Company Profile: Jamco Ltd.

History in a Nutshell

Jamco Ltd. of Skokie, Illinois, was evidently a very short-lived importer of Japanese brass locomotives; I've yet to learn who in Japan made these locos. Materializing in 1968, Jamco disappeared two years later; their one and only product (a second loco they'd advertised never went into production) was then sold by Master Model Products of Chicago. In business since the mid-1960s, MMP sold small machine screws and other modeling hardware, then dropped off the radar a decade later.

N Scale Products

This Pacific has the distinction of being the first brass N Scale locomotive imported into the US, and it came in a fancy velour-lined "casket" box. A year later, it appeared under the MMP brand in a plain cardboard box.

Incidentally, the model was very much a "shelf queen" in spite of the "ready-to-run" label: it did run, yes, but rather poorly. Evidently the manufacturer had intended it primarily for collectors. Original MSRP was $49.95.

Printed Matter

Advertisements appearing in the December 1968 and July 1969 issues of Model Railroader, respectively; note that the Hudson never reached production.


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