Company Profile: Brawa

History in a Nutshell

Brawa Artur Braun Modellspielwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. was founded in 1948 by Artur Braun in Waiblingen, Germany, to distribute model trains from other toy makers; eventually they began to manufacture their own lighting accessories such as streetlights and signals. In 1963 they acquired the complete line of motorized trolleybus and ski lift models from Eheim. They also began to expand their own line to include scenery items, and by 1993 they'd added locomotives and rolling stock to their product range. Brawa continues to manufacture and distribute a broad assortment of models and accessories for O, HO, TT, N and Z Scales.

N Scale Products

Brawa was manufacturing accessories for N Scale as early as 1964, starting with a few streetlights, as seen in the flyer above. Around the same time, Eheim was making an N Scale motorized trolley bus. Signals and tunnel portals came next from Brawa, and Eheim produced a ski lift. Brawa continued building their line of lighting and animated N Scale accessories over the years.

Printed Matter

Interestingly, Brawa also released separate catalogs of just Eheim products.

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