Company Profile: Eheim

History in a Nutshell

Located in Deizisau, east of Stuttgart, Eheim GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of aquarium accessories such as filters and pumps; they're a wholly owned subsidiary of Eheim Verwaltungs GmbH, Deizisau. Founded in 1949 by Gunther Eheim, the company originally specialized in the manufacture and repair of technical toys. They became particularly well known for their motorized HO Scale trolleybus, one of many animated accessories that proved quite popular. The entire product line was turned over to Brawa in 1963, at which point Eheim turned their attention to aquarium accessories.

N Scale Products

Eheim's N Scale trolleybus appeared in 1964, and new items such as the ski lift were added over the following years; the Eheim brand eventually gave way to Brawa. Eheim sets are highly prized among modelers today.

Printed Matter

Since Brawa owned the Eheim product line, there were no Eheim catalogs. Here's a page from a 1966 Brawa Catalog:

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